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Golden is a query and scripting tool for Oracle databases
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Golden is a professional SQL tool for Oracle which provides a SQL and PL/SQL editor with syntax highlighting. It is a 32 bit multi-threaded application which allows multiple scripts to be edited and run simultaneously. This tool is optimized to be quick and resource-friendly. With Golden you can check the timing of the SQL statements, explain Plan output, view results in spreadsheet format, print query results, edit single table result sets and export data to Excel, CSV and XML files. Golden provides support for SQLPlus variable prompting, bind variables and external scripts calling with parameter passing. Golden is an easy to use program which provides you with colored syntax highlighting, scheme information which can be pasted into scripts/queries and support for EXEC, DESC and CONNECT commands. One of the coolest features of Golden is that it provides a point-and-click SQL Builder with Oracle keywords, all accessible Oracle Objects, column data types, primary key and index information. Golden is an excellent application for programmers as it allows you to cut and paste queries into programming languages like Delphi, VB, ASP, Java, C++ etc. Golden is a powerful tool which provides support for high speed ascii import/export that can handle millions of records. Interestingly, this easy to use tool is free to try.

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  • Easy to use
  • Provides range of features
  • High speed ascii import/export
  • Edit/run multiple scripts simultaneously
  • Allows editing of single table result sets


  • Does not work on Linux
  • Does not provide support for databases like MySQL, DB2, Informix
  • Does not allow data export in HTML format
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